Vehicle Ute Body & Finance Package


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At Ridgeback,we offer a unique all in one offer for your next Vehicle ute, Service Body and Finance Package. You can select the vehicle make of your choice, Ridgeback service body model and the finance structure to suit and we do the rest - Simple!

Ridgeback and our alliance partner Axeton Procurement & Finance do all the hard work for you.

Axeton has strong relationships with various vehicle manufacturers. This enables them to source the right vehicle at the most competitive prices.

Coupled with Axeton Procurement & Finance experience and Ridgeback service bodies, we can provide the ultimate customer purchasing experience....and save you all the running around........and save you thousands of dollars $$$$

Step 1. Contact us to discuss your requirements

Step 2. Choose your Ridgeback service body model

Step 3. Axeton will provide various finance options tailored to your needs

Step 4. Axeton will complete your finance application and once approved get the ball rolling

Step 5. We will do all the hard work behind the scenes and get your vehicle and Ridgeback service body ready

Step 6. Get to work with your new work vehicle


One call is all that it takes to get started and get you on the road with a work vehicle.

You can visit Axeton's website for further details at