What size service body do I need?

When it comes to choosing a service body for your UTE, you can trust Ridgeback's high quality manufacturing and reputation to ensure the best possibly body for your trade needs.

Size does matter! We are often asked to assist with selection of a new body, and to recommend which size is best suited to our customer's needs.

So, there are two main points to consider when deciding what size service body will best fit with your unique needs:

  • Your service body choice will depend upon what vehicle you own or intend to purchase. This will determine the structural size and dimensions.

OR... if you want to start by purchasing the most suitable service body and then choose the appropriate trade vehicle, then your work operational requirements will be the determining factor.

What size service body do I need?

- Example 1. You intend or already have a Toyota Hilux Dual Cab UTE. This vehicle size means you can only fit a 1800 series body.

- Example 2. You require maximum storage space for your tools and equipment. The best solution is a 2400 series service body and you will require a Single Cab UTE. The make and model is not important

  • Single cab vehicles: Any 2400 series service body
  • Space cab vehicles: Any 2100 series service body
  • Dual cab vehicles: Any 1800 series service body

Remember we can also tailor-build a service body to suit your specific vehicle requirements, after-all we are one of Australia's largest provider of high quality and customised bodies.