Why buy Ridgeback!

A simple question to ask!. Why should you consider and buy a Ridgeback Service Body?

At Ridgeback, our people are passionate and dedicated to designing, building and supplying the best service body we can produce. We started with the simple purpose of being different and innovative.

Our products core benefits are to provide a long working life for you the customer. We design and manufacture solutions - we do not do this to a price, but to these core principles.

Why buy Ridgeback!

Over 25 years of product development and continuous innovation in the industry, means we have developed a deep understanding of what is required to meet the ever-changing demands of the trade and Australian industries.

Innovative. Efficient. Built for you.

Our customers are the first factor put into equation each time we design the highest quality service bodies on the market.

Ridgeback innovations are formulated through answering the following three important questions:

  1. “Will it perform efficiently for the specific demands of our customers?”
  2. “Will it deliver on safety, durability and quality?”
  3. “Will it make our customer’s life easier and increase business efficiency?”

At Ridgeback, the answer is YES. YES. And YES.

YES to meeting particular demands for customers.


YES to delivery on safety, durability and quality.


YES to making your life EASIER.