General Trade Service Body

Get Organised in your Trade - Get a Ridgeback!

We understand the needs of Aussie Tradesmen and have designed and engineered a range of service bodies for the Australian trade industry!

For our versatile General Tradesmen, we manufacture quality, industry service bodies specifically for Builders, Handymen, Carpenters and General Trades.

The General Trades Model Range:

  • Designed for Builders, Carpenters and General Trades
  • The General Canopy Model range features a fully enclosed, single large compartment.
  • Specially designed in consultation with trade professionals.
  • Large doors on both sides and at the rear there is full accessibility to all sections of the canopy.
  • The open internal layout allows for flexibility and personalized with the floor plan
  • Numerous shelving and wall layouts available if required
  • Features a rear trundle draw and ladder racks which are standard fitment to all Ridgeback bodies.

Service Body Builder RidgebackGeneral Trade Service Body

Don't compromise on quality or security.  When you invest in an Australian-made Ridgeback General Trades Service Body, your business will benefit from the organisation that comes with this leading-edge equipment, on-site and off-road, day-after-day.