Service Body Canopy Tech Trade Solutions

Ridgeback Service Bodies design and manufacture fully-enclosed, industry-tailored bodies specifically for Telecommunications, Data Installation and TV Installation trades.

The General Trades Model Range:

  • Fully-enclosed for maximum storage space
  • Features one large door on both sides of the canopy as well as a rear door
  • Enables full accessibility to all sections of storage
  • Various floor plan layouts to meet specific requirements of your equipment and trade needs.
  • The internal layout can accommodate numerous shelving and wall layouts as required.

Key Advantages of the Tech Service Body Range

  • Open floorplan provides numerous internal shelving, draw and wall layouts

Key Advantage of the Tech Service Body Range:

  • Open aisle design allows for transport of cable reels or bulky items

Service Body Canopy Tech Trade Solutions - Tech FixedNEW LTC 2100 Tech canopy