Service Body Field Service Solutions

Get Organised with a New Field Trade Service Body!

Ridgeback Field Service Body Range are specifically designed for those working in the Field.

Service Body Field Service Solutions

The Field Service Bodies are a Fully-Enclosed Design:

  • Consist of one large ‘T’ shaped compartment through the centre of the body
  • Two side compartments at the rear.
  • This large open space through the centre is the ideal design for securely storing your larger items and tools
  • Side located, individual compartments accommodate your smaller items.
  • Five secure-locking doors will maximize accessibility to all areas of the body
  • All Ridgeback Bodies are fitted with ladder racks and a rear trundle draw.

LS Field Service Body Ridgeback Lift Off Service Body

FORGET! Standard-Issue Industrial Toolboxes

FORGET! Standard-Issue Cabinets

Providing expansive, organised storage for your valuable tools and equipment, whilst delivering peace-of-mind and security.